Are you getting married and looking for a spiritual service but not a member of a congregation? If you are looking for a lifelong commitment and in need of an officiant, I would love to be a part of your journey and ceremony!

I am happy to travel, and I am open to many different forms of ceremony.

If I officiate your ceremony, I only ask the following:

You go through pre-marital counseling (if it isn’t feasible for me to do it, then please see another spiritual or psychological professional). Marriage is huge, sacred commitment with many facets that must be addressed before embarking on this life-changing journey. Sorting through your feelings about marriage and your own upbringing together matters a great deal – even if you’ve lived together before getting engaged.

There must be spiritual elements in your service Because I am a Christian minister, the service I hold will always be a spiritual one. I ask that at least one scripture be read and at least one prayer given (more of either, if desired). You are welcome to choose these, or I will choose them with you. Other readings from authors or spiritual guides are also welcome, but at least one Biblical reading must be present.

We meet in person (or on Zoom) at least once to get to know one another better. I want us to know one another, be prepared for a ceremony, and go over basic premarital issues (and more in-depth if I also perform your premarital counseling).

For more information about fees and to begin a conversation about your wedding, please contact me.

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