I love to write. Since I was a child, I have written my story down. Words are my way of reaching out to the world and sharing a little bit of me & a little bit of what I’ve learned, and a way of creating conversation with others. I recently published a new book based on my two master’s theses, and I blog with some regularity here  and on my church’s blog. You can also find archived blogs at the HuffPo Religion Blog. You can find links to my online writing below, as well as PDFs of my thesis work.



Printed Writing:

New Book: Privilege, Risk, and Solidarity: Understanding Undocumented Immigration through Christian Feminist Ethics (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2017).

M.Div. Thesis (Mercer University): The Baptist Response To Undocumented Immigration

M.A. Thesis (University of Virginia): Privilege, Risk, and Solidarity: How Christian Feminist Ethics Speaks to the Issue of Undocumented Immigration

Online Blogs / Articles:

Online blogging with Huffington Post Religion: Huffington Post Blog

Online blogging with River Road Church, Baptist: RRCB Pastor’s Blog

Ethics Daily

A Spiritual Perspective to Your Online Etiquette

For Christians, Immigration Reform Rooted in Solidarity

Baptist News Global

In North Georgia, signs of the times?

On Immigration, do Baptists believe the Bible?

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